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Visually Inspecting Your Plumbing

Instead of relying on traditional drain line troubleshooting methods, count on J.C. PLUMBING to provide innovative plumbing technologies for your bathroom, kitchen, or sewage projects. Throughout Roanoke, Virginia, we provide pin-point camera inspection services to help you visually confirm the cause of your plumbing problems.

Spotting Any Clogged Pipe

There are several reasons for your pipes continually are draining slow and clog-up repetitively.

Plumbing camera inspections shows the root of the problem, whether it is root intrusion or crushed, cracked, or misaligned pipes. This is a quick and effective solution for improving the plumbing throughout the house, because we are able to find any issues without any guesswork.

Finding the Problem

Our camera inspection service is the most effective method available for locating problematic areas within drain lines, in order to determine the best solution. Plumbing camera inspections have also been used to locate lost jewelry and other items accidentally flushed down the drain, toilet, or other water systems.