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Draining cleaning is a common problem for most homeowners. Plumbing codes mandate that a “cleanout” be installed at the end of any drain line running horizontal. Many times the cleanout becomes buried in a wall, behind a cabinet and is therefore inaccessible or many times, builders and homeowners disregard code requirements and fail to install one.


A cleanout is, simply put, an access point to the drain line. A properly installed cleanout will make it convenient, quick and relatively inexpensive to attempt to clear the stoppage.


DID YOU KNOW? A cleanout on your main sewer line is required at the end of the line and every 100 feet thereafter.


J.C. Plumbing, Inc. has the skill and know-how to locate existing clean outs or to install one if needed.



If you are looking for a clean out to be installed by a professional plumber

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