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Shutoff Valves

Shutoff valves should always be found at the base of your toilet, under the sink for your kitchen and bathroom faucets and on your water heater. You should also have a main shutoff valve for your entire property. In the event of a leak or emergency such as an earthquake, it is important to be able to locate and turn off your various shutoff valves. It is important to know how to shut these off in the event of an emergency or leak. Or give us a call and we’d be happy to come and show you where they are and tag them so they are clearly marked for easy reference and locating.


Locate & Test Every Valve


You are ready for any water emergency when you know where valves are located for all your faucets and appliances. Plan a family house tour with husband, wife and older children. All should know what to do if water emergencies arise when they are alone in the house. Start with the main water line valve, which totally controls the flow of water in your home. Usually, it is in the basement on the pipeline coming through the wall on the street side of your house. Find the valve, be sure it operates freely, and apply the tag to the main water line. If it is especially hard to find, place a second tag in a more visible spot. Continue the same procedure with the kitchen. Find the valves below the sink and test to see if they open and close easily. It is especially important to make this check because over a period of time a valve can become "frozen" if not used for years. Usually a wrench applied to the control wheel will free up the valve. Do this carefully to avoid breaking the control head. If the control wheel just can't be moved, it is usually best to have it serviced by your plumber. Until this is done, make a mental note to shut off the main water line valve if this section of your plumbing gives you trouble. Check for possible leaks around the stem after moving and freeing the valve. Applying a wrench to the cap or packing nut can stop minor leakage. Here is a plumbing tip: when you open any valve, open it all the way then turn it back the other direction slightly. This will help prevent it from sticking in the open position. Finally, apply a tag "Hot Water" and "Cold Water " to the control valves. Continue the water tour-- the bathroom or bathrooms, hot water heating system, water heater and water softener-- every place in the home where water is used. Label all valves with the proper identification tags. To repeat, locating the main shutoff valve is especially important because when closed, it stops all water throughout the house in seconds. Be sure that everyone, including the children, knows where this vital control is located.



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